Going Away Picture Frame Map

ImageIt’s always hard when one of your sorority sisters, let alone your big sis, graduates from college and moves away. 

My wonderfully talented and fabulous big graduated last semester and moved to Texas to join the work force. As part of her graduation gift, I decided to get crafty and make her this picture frame map. 

A picture frame map is the perfect going away gift for your sister, big sister, best friend or significant other. It shows that no matter how far away you may be from each other, you will always cherish them in your heart. (Cheesy, but true.)

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store and pick out a picture frame in any size you want. 8×10 and 11×14 are usually good sizes. I used an 11×14 frame, but depending on how big you want the states to be, you can pick a larger frame. 

Step 2: Pick out some cute scrapbook paper. Make sure you buy enough so that it will up the frame. This scrapbook paper will act as the background for your project. (Note: I had to buy 2 pieces of scrapbook paper and cut a small strip from the second piece and tape it to the first piece in order to make it big enough to fill up the frame.)

ImageStep 3: Print out the outlines of the two states you want to use. Carefully cut them out and find a good spot for them on your scrapbook paper. Glue them down using a basic glue stick. 

Step 4: Using a different color of scrapbook paper, cut out a heart (or any shape) to use as the marker for your cities. Glue it down. I purchased sparkly pink scrapbook paper for this part, but you can really use anything. Stickers are another good option too! Make sure to look up exactly where your cities are located within the states- it would be pretty embarrassing if you placed them in the wrong spot…I almost did. *facepalm* 


Step 5: Next, pick a quote. I chose the quote “Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”- Anonymous. I used the word “sisters” instead of “together” since I was giving this to my big sister. Type up the quote you want to use in a Word document using a big font (I used 40) and print it out. You can either cut out the quote and glue it on directly, or you can use the same scrapbook paper you used for the hearts as the backing for the quote. Glue the quote and the backing on to the scrapbook paper.

ImageStep 6: Using small pieces of the same scrapbook paper you used for the hearts, create a dotted line that connects your cities together. You can create a straight line, a wavy line or even a looped line. Be creative! I glued these lines down using super glue. 

Step 7: Let the project dry for a while, then insert into the picture frame. 

ImageThere you have it! It’s pretty simple, but it’ll look really impressive once it’s finished! Anyone who receives this gift will absolutely LOVE it!

Keep it crafty! 


I’m back!

Hello my lovely crafters,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted any new DIY crafts in such a long time! School has been extra crazy. I’ve missed this blog a lot and I can’t wait to share some of my most recent crafts with you guys!

Stay posted for some fun and easy crafts 🙂


DIY Lace Block Letters

IMG_2894Greek girls love their sorority insignia more than they love rhinestones (which is a lot). Your letters are something to be proud of, which is why these DIY lace block letters are a great project for any sorority girl.

Sarah Dinell, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, made this craft for one of her sisters.

“The great thing about this project is that you can really customize it however you want,” Dinell said. “You can make it your own by using a different color of paint or a different color of lace.”

It’s a new yet simple twist on a classic crafting project, and here’s how you do it!

Step 1: Find an old piece of cardboard and use a ruler to cut a square out of it. You can make the square as big or as little as you want, depending on how big you want the letters to be.


Step 2: Paint the cardboard black, or any color that you want. Let it completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Pick out some lace and wrap it around the cardboard, using super glue or masking tape to secure it in the back. Lace comes in a variety of different colors, so feel free to be creative when picking out your lace!


Step 4: Buy small wooden letters that represent your sorority, and paint them the same color you painted the cardboard, or whatever color you want. Once they have completely dried, you can make unique additions to the letters.

“I added a small pink bow to the ‘D’ because I wanted it to stand out and look different,” Dinell said.

Step 5: Tape or super glue the letters to the cardboard squares and you’re done!


Kristen Hwang, a member of Sigma Kappa sorority, praised Dinell on her project.

“Sarah showed me the letters when she was done and I thought it was so awesome,” Hwang said. “I will definitely be making letters like this sometime soon!”

Keep it crafty!

Rhinestoned Chevron Letter


Chevron stripes are taking over the crafting world…or at least it feels like it! Painting a chevron pattern can actually be very difficult, especially on your first try. A good project for people new to chevrons is a rhinestoned chevron letter! Not only will it look adorable, but your sisters will fall in love with it.

Leighann Reynolds, a member of Chi Omega, has made numerous chevron-themed crafts.

“Once you get the hang of it, you’ll become addicted to chevrons,” Reynolds said. “Though they take some work they always end up looking so cute.”

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store and purchase a plain, wooden letter. Any size is fine. You can buy a couple letters for your sorority’s name or you can get a single letter that represents your sister’s initial.


Step 2: Paint the letter white. Two layers should be enough. Once the letter is dry, use a chevron template that you can print from the internet, and trace the pattern onto the letter with a pencil.

Brooke Mitchell, another member of Chi Omega, gave some advice for this step of the process.

“Be patient when you’re tracing the chevron on to the letter,” Mitchell said. “This is the most time-consuming part of the project, so you have to try really hard to be careful!”


Step 3: Once you have completely traced the pattern on to the letter, use some painter’s tape to cover up every other line. Try to be as exact as possible!


Step 4: Pick your sister’s favorite color, and paint the untaped lines of chevron. Again, two layers of paint should be enough.


Step 5: When the paint is dry, carefully take the painter’s tape off of the letter. At this time, you can do some final touch ups and make sure you have clean lines.

You can finish your letter there, or you can add some rhinestones using super glue. Remember, you can never have too many rhinestones! Try outlining every other chevron line with rhinestones.


And there you have it! This letter is the perfect gift to give your sisters on any occasion.

“I gave a chevron canvas to my big and she loved it! It was totally worth all the hard work,” Reynolds said.

Keep it crafty!

DIY Fleece Tie Blanket

Who doesn’t love a warm, cozy blanket?  Not only is a fleece tie blanket a perfect crafting project for all girls, but it is a popular item for sorority girls to give to their sisters. You can even pick a pattern that incorporates one of your sorority’s symbols, like one of my sisters did with this blanket below!


My sorority sister, Brooke Mitchell, made this particular blanket for a sister during her spare time.

“I love these blankets more than anything,” Mitchell said. “They are sort of time-consuming, but totally worth it.”

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store and pick out two yards of two different pieces of fleece. You can pick two fleeces that both have a pattern on them, but normally people pick out one fun pattern and complement it with a solid color of fleece. JoAnn is a great place to go for fleece because they have an insanely large selection, and they usually have great sales.


Step 2: Once you have picked out your fleece, lay them out on top of each other. Make sure the two fabrics are lined up as closely as possible, as you will be cutting both fabrics at the same time. Start by making 2″-2.5″ cuts, all along the entire length of the fleeces. When you get near a corner, make sure to cut out the corner completely, making a slightly bigger cut than normal. This process can take a long time, but be patient!

“The corners always messed me up,” Sarah Dinell, a member of another sorority, said. “It seems confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s not that bad.”

Step 3: Once you have made all necessary cuts, you can start tying the top layers of fleece and the bottom layers of fleece together. In order to make sure the blanket does not come apart, make double knots for each tie of the blanket.


And there you go! You just made a beautiful blanket.

If you have any questions or suggestions for my next crafting project, please leave a comment below!

Keep it crafty everyone!

DIY Sorority Letters


In need of a gift for one of your sisters? Thankfully, you can never go wrong with DIY wooden letters. You can go to your local crafting store and find wooden letters that represent your sorority in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors.

“They’re so easy and fun to make,” Chi Omega member Brooke Mitchell said, “Plus they look really nice once they’re finished.”

Step 1: Go to an arts and crafts store; places like Hobby Lobby have a large selection of wooden letters for a decent price. Pick the letters that correspond to your sorority, or you can even order customized Greek symbols online. Try to find letters that are either white or natural colored because they will be easier to paint over.

Step 2: Pick out a bright color of paint and put about 2-3 layers of paint on the letters. Make sure to paint the sides of the letters as well!


Step 3: Find some fun felt stickers or mini flowers to decorate the letters with. If you can’t find any felt stickers, get any sort of embellishments and attach them to the letters using super glue or a hot-glue gun. Try organizing the embellishments in a creative way and use a variety of colors that compliment the color of the letters!

And there you have it! If you want to make the letters a little more interesting, you can add stripes or polka dots in a different color of paint, or you can add rhinestones, every sorority girl’s favorite add-on.

“You can never have too many letters, so it’s always the perfect gift for any sister,” Mitchell said.

What sort of embellishments do you usually use for your letters? Do you have any techniques or tricks? Is there another DIY project you’d like to learn how to do? Comment below and let me know what you would like to see next!