Going Away Picture Frame Map

ImageIt’s always hard when one of your sorority sisters, let alone your big sis, graduates from college and moves away. 

My wonderfully talented and fabulous big graduated last semester and moved to Texas to join the work force. As part of her graduation gift, I decided to get crafty and make her this picture frame map. 

A picture frame map is the perfect going away gift for your sister, big sister, best friend or significant other. It shows that no matter how far away you may be from each other, you will always cherish them in your heart. (Cheesy, but true.)

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store and pick out a picture frame in any size you want. 8×10 and 11×14 are usually good sizes. I used an 11×14 frame, but depending on how big you want the states to be, you can pick a larger frame. 

Step 2: Pick out some cute scrapbook paper. Make sure you buy enough so that it will up the frame. This scrapbook paper will act as the background for your project. (Note: I had to buy 2 pieces of scrapbook paper and cut a small strip from the second piece and tape it to the first piece in order to make it big enough to fill up the frame.)

ImageStep 3: Print out the outlines of the two states you want to use. Carefully cut them out and find a good spot for them on your scrapbook paper. Glue them down using a basic glue stick. 

Step 4: Using a different color of scrapbook paper, cut out a heart (or any shape) to use as the marker for your cities. Glue it down. I purchased sparkly pink scrapbook paper for this part, but you can really use anything. Stickers are another good option too! Make sure to look up exactly where your cities are located within the states- it would be pretty embarrassing if you placed them in the wrong spot…I almost did. *facepalm* 


Step 5: Next, pick a quote. I chose the quote “Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”- Anonymous. I used the word “sisters” instead of “together” since I was giving this to my big sister. Type up the quote you want to use in a Word document using a big font (I used 40) and print it out. You can either cut out the quote and glue it on directly, or you can use the same scrapbook paper you used for the hearts as the backing for the quote. Glue the quote and the backing on to the scrapbook paper.

ImageStep 6: Using small pieces of the same scrapbook paper you used for the hearts, create a dotted line that connects your cities together. You can create a straight line, a wavy line or even a looped line. Be creative! I glued these lines down using super glue. 

Step 7: Let the project dry for a while, then insert into the picture frame. 

ImageThere you have it! It’s pretty simple, but it’ll look really impressive once it’s finished! Anyone who receives this gift will absolutely LOVE it!

Keep it crafty! 


The Perfect Pink Paddle

Initiation into a sorority is the most special experience you will ever have as a Greek. You learn the secrets of your sorority and become an official member for the rest of your life.

Aside from the bonding and sisterhood, initiation is also usually the time to make a paddle for your sis! Paddles, which are not used for hazing purposes, are cute and colorful projects that members of a sorority make for each other, commonly between a big and a little. These paddles are usually hung up on a wall, and they are essentially a token of appreciation and love from a sister.

Though making a paddle may seem daunting at first, I will show you a step-by-step tutorial for a paddle I made for my big.

Step 1: Go to the nearest craft store and purchase a paddle. Places like Michael’s or Joann usually have paddles. You can also see if your school has a Greek store that sells everything needed for paddles. You should also purchase paint, ribbon, glue and any other additional items you want to decorate your paddle with. I bought a massive bag of rhinestones and some felt owl and flower stickers for mine!

IMG_2246Step 2: Paint your paddle. I only painted the sides of my paddle because I glued sparkly pink scrapbook paper on the front. If your school does have a Greek store, you can ask them to help you make a paddle topper.

Step 3: Once the paint is dry, superglue rhinestones to the side of the paddle. Alternate between one big and one small rhinestone until the entire outer edge of the paddle is covered. I challenge you to try to NOT superglue your fingers together. Believe me, it’s hard.

IMG_2268Step 4: Paint all the letters, words and symbols that you want to glue onto your paddle. It is suggested to include your sorority’s letters, the words “big sis” and “lil sis”, your name, your big’s name, your crest and anything else that you want to add on. And if you love rhinestones like any other sorority girl, you can even bejewel your letters after painting them, as shown below.

IMG_2253Step 5: Attach all your decals to your paddle. You can do this by either using a hot glue gun or superglue. If you’re lucky, you can find wooden letters that come with a piece of paper on the back that you peel off and then can stick to the paddle.

IMG_2273Step 6: Once everything is in place, make any final touches. Add ribbon, felt stickers, bows, or even more rhinestones…because you can never have too many rhinestones! And voila, you just made a paddle. Snaps for you!