Rhinestoned Chevron Letter


Chevron stripes are taking over the crafting world…or at least it feels like it! Painting a chevron pattern can actually be very difficult, especially on your first try. A good project for people new to chevrons is a rhinestoned chevron letter! Not only will it look adorable, but your sisters will fall in love with it.

Leighann Reynolds, a member of Chi Omega, has made numerous chevron-themed crafts.

“Once you get the hang of it, you’ll become addicted to chevrons,” Reynolds said. “Though they take some work they always end up looking so cute.”

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store and purchase a plain, wooden letter. Any size is fine. You can buy a couple letters for your sorority’s name or you can get a single letter that represents your sister’s initial.


Step 2: Paint the letter white. Two layers should be enough. Once the letter is dry, use a chevron template that you can print from the internet, and trace the pattern onto the letter with a pencil.

Brooke Mitchell, another member of Chi Omega, gave some advice for this step of the process.

“Be patient when you’re tracing the chevron on to the letter,” Mitchell said. “This is the most time-consuming part of the project, so you have to try really hard to be careful!”


Step 3: Once you have completely traced the pattern on to the letter, use some painter’s tape to cover up every other line. Try to be as exact as possible!


Step 4: Pick your sister’s favorite color, and paint the untaped lines of chevron. Again, two layers of paint should be enough.


Step 5: When the paint is dry, carefully take the painter’s tape off of the letter. At this time, you can do some final touch ups and make sure you have clean lines.

You can finish your letter there, or you can add some rhinestones using super glue. Remember, you can never have too many rhinestones! Try outlining every other chevron line with rhinestones.


And there you have it! This letter is the perfect gift to give your sisters on any occasion.

“I gave a chevron canvas to my big and she loved it! It was totally worth all the hard work,” Reynolds said.

Keep it crafty!


One thought on “Rhinestoned Chevron Letter

  1. Have you tried doing this with glitter? I have a black letter that I want to add gold glitter to, and I’m not sure if mode podge and tape will work?

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